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Imagine you are Rebecca

Imagine you are Rebecca, a single working parent. She is a customer service representative who makes $20.00/hour. This amount allows her to pay her bills, but there isn’t a lot left over for extras or savings. Rebecca is the sole caregiver for her two school-aged children, Matt aged 6 and Emily aged 8. So, picking up an extra job to add to her income isn’t feasible, with her need to be home in the evenings to cook and help with homework.  Emily fell and broke her arm playing soccer in the yard, which resulted in a large unexpected medical bill. She noticed a water stain on her ceiling, that has been growing. When she had it checked out, she found out that her roof has several leaks and needs to be repaired, but it is not covered by insurance, so what does she do?

Or your neighbors Yvonne and Charlie. Yvonne is a retired schoolteacher and Charlie is a Vietnam Veteran. They just found out that Charlie has lung cancer, and the medical bills are stacking up, even with VA assistance. The first cold snap of the year hit last night, and their 20-year-old furnace stopped working. The technician is recommending they replace the system due to the age, but Yvonne and Charlie can’t even afford to repair it, so they plug in space heaters and “make do”. 

These are just a couple of stories to help demonstrate how important the Mission of Strong Homes-Strong Families is. We believe there is a better way than ignoring major problems in your home. With a donation today, you could be helping your neighbor or a friend.

Kansas City Strong Homes Strong Families - Imagine you are Rebecca



Please choose if you would like to support us through a monetary donation or by joining forces with us by donating services or materials

You will help families make critical repairs in their homes and help us build stronger neighborhoods and communities!

The average cost
of the following general repairs*

  • HVAC minor $350
  • HVAC major $2575
  • Plumbing $325
  • Electrical $280
  • Roof minor $750
  • Roof major $4250
  • Windows $186
  • Mold $2,225
  • Radon $1200
  • Critter Control $250
  • Mud jacking $1000
*Source Home Advisor